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About IM Holding

For almost two decades, IM Holding has been utilising technology and the power of innovation to bring agility and flexibility to the business of our customers.

We are uniquely positioned to accelerate the digital transformation of different companies, leveraging our technical expertise and hands-on experience in various digital specialties.

IM Holding has been striving to offer fully integrated digital services and build innovative products to solve real-world problems and address the pressing and rapidly changing digital business needs of our clients.

We are uniquely positioned to accelerate the digital transformation of different companies, leveraging our technical expertise and hands-on experience in various digital specialties. IM Holding has been striving to offer fully integrated digital services and build innovative products to solve real-world problems and address the pressing and rapidly changing digital business needs of our clients.

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IM Holding Services

As a result of the technological depth for IM Holding helped it to understand other industries thus diversity in our investments.

The power of IM Holding that it’s build the digital infrastructure & investment for any project with a merger between knowledge, technology and services like providing business plan, visibility & research study, strategy, marketing, sales, customer care, logistics, office space.

IM Holding helped a lot of investment projects in different fields like ecommerce, sports equipment, hardware and computers, cyber security solutions, education and training centres, nutritional feeds, plastic recycling, hospitality and decorations and more.

At IM Holding, we evaluate and consult, develop and design, test and implement technology solutions based on thorough understanding of your business and the goals of your company.

Why is IM Holding is your best partner to grow?

  • We have been in the industry for decades, taking our part in shaping and leading the IT sector in Egypt and the Middle East.

  • IM Holding is a one-stop-shop for all digital services: web design, web development, digital marketing, IT solutions and consulting services, no need to bother with the hassle of distributing all your digital strategies or web solutions among 100 companies!

  • IM Holding has a large and diversified portfolio, which helps us gain the trust of our clients and demonstrate our efficiency and credibility.

  • Our people are the backbone of our success, so we hire the most talented and dedicated professionals to ensure the best quality of service delivery.

  • IM Holding has established solid business partnerships with top global IT brands to be always up-to-date with the latest trends in the field.

Subsidiaries and Sister Companies

Join IM Holding and build your digital infrastructure

IM Solutions

IM solutions is a fully integrated web service company that offers a wide range of web and digital marketing solutions to different types and sizes of companies: corporates, startups, education institutions. Also, It's serving clients in Egypt, UAE, KSA, USA with significant market presence since 2003. IM Solutions units are divided into: Connectivity, Network & Security, Digital Strategies, Digital Solutions and Digital Marketing, Web & APP development, Cartoon Production, Portals Development, Ecommerce solutions, Hosting and Cloud Solutions, and Digital Market Research, Analysis and Business Models formulations.


Im2host is a platform that enables businesses and individuals to build their website, host their website on cloud environment, shared or dedicated. In addition to security services and digital marketing. Microsoft Office 365 is also offered through im2host. You can pay online and get the service on the spot.

IM Security

is a cyber security and IT consulting company which offers adaptable, customizable, flexible, and scalable IT solutions to fit the needs of each organisation (corporates, SMEs, or governmental entities). Juniper, Palo Alto, Fortigate , F5 , FireEye and Cisco are among the top global partners that IM Security is proud to deliver the best quality cyber security services through them, in addition to Penetration Test and SD WAN Technology services.


Since Information Technology is not just software applications or web solutions, IM Holding was keen to establish HW EGYPT - an E-commerce store to offer a comprehensive list of hardware products to corporates, SMEs, and consumers including laptops, desktops, printers, scanners, security cameras etc. It is an end-to-end service from the website to the customer premise directly, ensuring the best prices, high quality, and professional customer service.


Pyramakerz is a specialized company that provides advanced AI, IOT, STEAM & automation solutions for universities, schools, training centers, industries, organizations and individuals. We have one mission which is to empower young learners in the ever fast changing world of Technology. We were the first to deliver the well reputed event ‘Tech-day’ in Egypt and quickly situated ourselves amongst the top delivering STEAM Education and automation solutions & services to Universities, Schools, Institutions and Individuals. Our core values are Innovation – Excellence – Meaningful Impact.

Champions Group

Champions Group for Trading and Manufacturing is a new digital startup in the UAE and Egypt specialized in the e-commerce business trading, manufacturing of sports apparel and equipment, casual and lifestyle clothes & accessories, as well as sports management and events.

Prime Feed

Prime Feed is a cutting edge offering high-quality feed, situated in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We produce balanced nutritional formulas, modified and dependent on our customer’s needs. Our feed is intended to support and foster both animal and business. We likewise go past feed, as we give master and educated information regarding nutritional and farm management consultancy. We also form long-term associations with our clients and providers. Animal Feed.

Alam El Teb

The largest medical encyclopedia in the world includes information and medical articles in all medical departments. It works to provide useful medical information in all specialties with the presentation of studies proving its achievement.


It is a licensed fintech company offering innovative solutions for the E-commerce service providers as well as digital payments and digital banks


Better International Services BIS has two varied companies; named Better International for Hospitality and Cleaning, and Better International for Decorations. We are well-aware of our responsibility towards society and individuals in various fields, and that is essential for us to be able to contribute to the evolution of society, and the modernization of its members to the best level possible in the State of Qatar. In addition to this, we aim to provide high-quality level in the internal and external design of all residential buildings and commercial buildings.


for plastic recycling is in the market since 2016 working with a unique technology to recycle plastic in Egypt while serving both the local market and international market. At Tadweer Recycling, we try to be something more than a reusing organization. Our objectives incorporate a future that joins difficult work, devotion and a responsibility of greatness for each partner. At long last, as Tadweer’s group we do think that the new creation line will change the sort of the reusing industry greatly. We will measure our success by how we add economic value from recycled PET to our customers and we strive to exceed the expectation of each customer.
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